About Us


Samuel Riezzo
Samuel is a traveler in love with the world & stories. He loves to interact with that person sitting there in the corner or next to the backdoor of a shop, he loves to surprise people at work in their studio, to chat round a bistro table…
With his photographer’s eyes, he looks and observes things from their hidden corners…He is passionate searching, snooping. Always in search of the object, of the emblem of a story, of an era, a culture, a knowledge, an art, a beauty.

Marion Sancellier
Marion is a theater artist who became passionate about interior design, senography and objects. What objects? The objects that tell your story.
She loves history and stories. Her eye stops on what leaves something behind. A trace.
The object tells its own story, that Marion loves to reinvent and develop.


Marion & Samuel offer a superb choice of objects and antique furniture from there and elsewhere.
But not only. They also offer to reinvent the place of the object, to reinvent its usefulness, to help people appreciate it.


– Advise and offer assistance in interior design
– Create thematic and personalized curiosity cabinets

Give Marion & Samuel your belongings and your stories. Let them do. Or give them orders. They will make the best out of it anyway.